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Quality and Brands

Our mouthpieces are made of high quality titanium. The surface is particularly smooth and stimulates the horse's saliva production. The material is extremely light and yet resistant to all forms of corrosion. It is 100% biocompatible and does not cause any hypersensitivity or allergies. Our mouthpieces can be freely combined with the hand-made stainless steel side parts and thus meet a wide range of needs of horse and rider. Thanks to the individual color design, every bit with a ti-bits mouthpiece becomes an "eye-catcher" on the horse's head. If you also want a truly unique item, you can use the "Graffi-ti" color code and be sure to purchase an absolutely unique item.


From the bridle ring to the elaborate side part - every piece of metal is shaped, welded and polished to a high gloss by hand in our bit manufacture.


The ti-Lingua gives the horse's tongue maximum space thanks to its arch. Due to its anatomical shape (bent forward), the pressure on the drawer is reduced or any impact on the tongue is slowed down even further. Ideal for horses that do not tolerate pressure on the tongue and react by beating the head, for example, as well as for those who try to push the tongue over the bit in order to evade the rider's hand.

 ti-Lingua Direct


The new ti-Lingua Direct also offers pleasant comfort for the horse and thus promotes acceptance of the rider's hand. The straight course of the bar makes bits with this mouthpiece look a bit more direct / intense, but there is still a soft pressure distribution on the tongue and saddle. The ti-Lingua Direct is ideal for horses that only tolerate little pressure on the tongue and react by beating the head or similar behavior, for example. The possible impulse to put the tongue over the bit is eliminated by the shape. Mistakes in the tongue can thus be counteracted.


 ti-bit simply broken

Our simply broken mouthpiece consists of two legs and a joint in the middle. The two anatomically shaped legs of the bit distribute the pressure over the edges of the tongue onto the drawers of the horse's mouth. The joint is in the middle of the tongue and does not interfere with the store. Parades can be given sensitively and dosed to the individual thighs. The thigh that has not been “touched” remains calmly in the horse's mouth. The simply broken mouthpiece is suitable for horses that go against the rider's hand with differently shaped mouthpieces and ignore parades or accept them poorly.

einfach gebrochen silber s.png

 ti-bit double twice

Our double broken mouthpiece consists of two bit legs and an olive as a middle piece. The anatomically shaped legs of the bit ensure that the pressure is evenly distributed on the tongue and tray. As a result, the horse approaches the rider's hand in a targeted and sensitive manner. This mouthpiece prevents the tongue from getting jammed. Parades have a direct and effective effect and, thanks to the clear assistance provided, ensure good communication between horse and rider. The double broken mouthpiece is suitable for sensitive horses, regardless of their level of training, as well as for inexperienced riders with somewhat restless hands.

doppelt gebrochen silber.png
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